Simulate a screen pop

Simulate a screen pop

To simulate a screen pop, follow the steps below....

Save the following as .vbs on the desktop of the computer you want to replicate an incoming call.

Dim IE

'Attaches to an existing instance of IE with matching URL
Sub GetIE(URL)
  Dim objInstances, objIE
  Set objInstances = CreateObject("Shell.Application").windows
  If objInstances.Count > 0 Then '/// make sure we have instances open.
    For Each objIE In objInstances
   If InStr(objIE.LocationURL,URL) > 0 then
     Set IE = objIE
   End if
  End if
End Sub



Change the text highlighted in Red to the DDI you want to test with (DDI must be linked in the 'DDI Admin' section of CallScripter).

Change the text highlighted in Blue to the CLI you wish to pass into the script.

Make sure you are sitting with the 'Agent Desktop' screen open infront of you and double click the file.

It will trigger a screen pop provided the DDI is matched and you have followed the above steps correctly. The file can be modified as many times as needed to use different DDI's and CLI's to test with.