OLEDB 12.0 provider is not registered on local machine

Error message: The 'Microsoft.ACE.OLEDB.12.0' provider is not registered on local machine.
This is common behaviour for PureConnect customers after installation.  Synergy may only be installed as 64bit as it sits on a 64bit server, and this installs the 64bit ACE driver (used in OLEDB).  Synergy is forced to run in 32bit mode when used with Interactive Intelligence IceLib.  
  • Post-install: uninstall the 64bit version and manually install the 32bit version.
  • Pre-install: install the 32bit one prior to installation and the Synergy Installer will skip installation of the 64bit version.
At the time of writing, Genesys have no plan to make IceLib work in 64bit mode.
This is not a Synergy issue, but a standard Microsoft error. Should this solution not work for you, then you will need continue troubleshooting.