Spellchecker Errors

CallScripter's spell check functionality is no longer being actively developed.  Whilst it is not yet an option at the time of writing, we are working towards cross browser compatibility with a view to utilise the spell checking utilities built in to modern browsers.  Whilst spell checking add-ins for Internet Explorer are available, some customers have reported issues with using them combined with CallScripter 4.5.  Unfortunately we are unable to recommend any particular add in and suggest that if the following limitations are of concern, customers trial any add-in before rolling it out to their production or live environment:
  1. If a user has a quote " (shift and 2) within a field, the spellchecker will strip out anything after or between the quotation marks
  2. When the pound sign, £, is used the spellchecker returns Á£, if multiple spell checks are completed on the same field content, then Á£ is duplicated each time
  3. If spell check is used on the word hasnt it will change it to the correct spelling of hasn't however if spell check if used again then hasn't will be displayed as an incorrect spelling
Bug #3545