Cirrus for CallScripter 4.5.44 and Later

CallScripter for Cirrus Response VDesk

Integration and Implementation

CallScripter is a web-based scripting tool that runs in Internet Explorer.  Cirrus vDesk is a Windows desktop client that hosts an Internet Explorer client within it – this Internet Explorer client is leveraged to combine CallScripter into the Cirrus Desktop, running it within an iframe.   Other HTML content forming the Cirrus control panel is presented outside the iframe.  That content is served by Cirrus.


  • Only the CallScripter Agent Desktop will function within the vDesk client.  All other CallScripter functionality must be accessed via a stand-alone Internet Explorer browser, including:
    • Campaign Management
    • Management Information
    • System Manager
    • Script Editor
    • Reporting System
    • Task Management
  • The below functionality within the Agent Desktop is not available within Cirrus and must be utilised via a stand-alone Internet Explorer browser:
    • Incomplete Script Runs
    • Agent Messaging (sending and receiving)
    • Task Management - the Task Management controls can be utilised from within Scripts to schedule tasks from version 4.5.46 onwards
  • No scripts should be launched manually from within Cirrus vDesk. This includes Task Management and Incomplete Script Runs.
  • If using non telephony admin scripts, these should be launched in a stand alone browser.  Script transfer between agents is not available and will be disabled in the application.
  • External Data Source controls may only be used where "Run before page load" is ticked, and cannot be called using javascript or calculate controls during a script run. - limitation only applies to version 4.5.45 and before 
  • Multiple agent toolbar activities are not supported.
  • Elements that pop in a new window, e.g., FAQ, Spell check, will require additional forms authentication on first use.
  • IE7 in emulation mode is more sensitive to poor javascript syntax.
  • Only a single script can be run at a time to avoid conflicting with Cirrus initiated script pops. This is what limits Incomplete Script Runs, Task Management & manual script runs.
The following settings must be adhered to on user’s PCs for use of CallScripter within the Cirrus vDesk application and within native Internet Explorer (IE):