Allies Postcoder Web - Web Service Control

You can use the Web Service Control to utilise Allies Postcoder Web API.
The Web Service Control is a non standard control that must be obtained from CallScripter Support. It is part of the core product however.

Web Service Control needs a CS field to hold the "Allies Postcode URL".
This is a generated string (Calcualte field) in the syntax of:{API KEY}/address/uk/{POSTCODE}?format=json&lines=3
Use a Text Box for the POSTCODE input.

Place Web Service Control in the script with the below settings (Advanced Properties):
  1. Change button to appropriate name
  2. URL: Allies Postcode URL (CS field)
  3. No keys
  4. Timeout and Attempts can be left or changed as desired
  5. On the Test page set to do via string and manually create a valid test Allies Postcode URL. You will see results below.
  6. Select to show results in Data Table. Show/Hide columns as desired. Map columns to CS Fields as desired.