CIC User Permissions and Login via the CS Toolbar

Security rights are checked on CIC ONLY at the point of logging on to the CallScripter toolbar.  If the permissions are changed AFTER the agent has logged on, the agent must log off and on again to acquire the new permissions granted.

Security rights can be applied at the following levels within CIC:
  • User
  • Role
  • Workgroup
Users inherit rights from roles and workgroups.  Where a user does not have permission to access a campaign, but is a member of a workgroup that does, the user inherits the permission to that campaign from the workgroup.

Where agents are configured as being globally logged on in CIC, the agent will auto attach to any running campaign.  Global logon also applies to workgroups, so if a user is a member of a workgroup, the user will be auto logged on to all campaigns for that workgroup.