Unable to select a Campaign to link to a script

The campaign link drop down list in Script Editor -> Script Options page is populated via the CallScripter Interactive Intelligence External Campaign Retrieval system plugin. The plugin communicates with CIC server to populate the drop down list with campaign names currently configured on the dialer.

When the plugin is activated it gathers credentials for communicating with the CIC server from the following Application setting keys

Application settings -> ININ ->
ININ CIC Password

These settings must be populated with details to enable the plugin to successfully connect to the CIC server. If these credentials are incorrect, the plugin will display a drop down list within the script editor but the list will have no content and will be disabled. 

Check the Host, Username & password are correct by using them to log on via the Agent Desktop using the same information. Once the correct configuration has been entered for the username and password, deactivate and reactivate the Interactive Intelligence External Campaign Retrieval system plugin within the CallScripter plugin manager. This will restart the plugin and allow it to pick up the new credentials, and pass these through when connecting to the CIC server.