Pager Sending via the Message Queue

Pagers can be sent by a CS Service called the "Message Queue". This is fundamentally a task scheduler within CS that can run other CS elements.
In this case their scripts log an entry to the Message Queue via a database insert to send a pager with the recipient and message specified. 
This database table is tblMQs and the identification of a pager is "messageType" of value 1.

The Message Queue service polls this database table and when it finds actions it needs to carry out (nextSendTime is in the past) it attempts to execute them. Each time the Message Queue carries out an action it increases the "tryCount" by on, which starts at 0. The last error it receives from it executing the request are recorded in the "errDetails" column.

Pagers themselves are sent from an invisible module within CS so when the Message Queue executers a pager send it passes the details to the Pager Module, increases the try count by 1 and fills in the "sentAt" column.

Unfortunately the Pager Module doesn't give a true fail/success response back to the Message Queue. It acknowledges receipt of the pager request and so the Message Queue marks as successful before the Pager Module tries to send the pager.

The Pager Module will attempt to send the pager requested and if it fails will drop that pager message. Its status and any error it encounters are logged in either the: Server Log File* (4.5.26+) or as a text log in [CALLSCRIPTER]\CallScripter Data\Logs\[YEAR]\[MONTH]\[DAY].log   (legacy message queue in <4.5.26)
You can identify MQ Logs from regular CS Logs as the MQLogs will always be in the folder format "[YEAR]\[MONTH]\LogFile" whereas CS Logs are in the folder format "[YEAR-MONTH]\LogFile".

You will find verbose logging for each Pager that it attempts to send. The important elements of the log are that it successfully establishes "Initialisation TapClient class". This confirms that the other end has accepted the connection.
You will see an erroneous message on successful pager sends below which can be ignored:
Log event fired from TapClient. logString = 'Unsuccessful reponse: '     (note spelling mistake of "response")
Each message entry in the log will include recipient number and the message sent to them.
Once the pager is sent to the Pager Provider no further results are recorded. Any post processing/filtering carried out by them is done strictly on their side.

*Service Log: The service log is accessed via the CallScripter application.
In the Main CS page navigate to: System Manager > Service Manager > Click the "View Log" button for the desired server (CallScripter - Message Queue).