Return data in control

Returns Data checkbox must be ticked.


There must be some sort of form field in the page with a NAME of F[attr]Field ID[/attr]


That is all that is required to get data from the control in the script into the database.  Usually it's a good idea to get it back into the control again if/when you return to the page.  There are many ways of doing this, but the simplest is to:

- have an attribute on the control, call it what you like - suggest Field Value

- mark this attribute as the control value in the control editor.  At run time, if there is data in tbl_data for the field, it will replace the default value of this attribute with it. Otherwise it will just use whatever value the script editor put in it

- use this attribute as the value of the above form field.  eg:


<input name="F[attr]Field ID[/attr]" value="[attr]Field Value[/attr]" />