Cytrack CTI

The contents need to be copied over the existing callscripter TAPI interface install.

“C:\Program Files\Callscripter\CallScripter TAPI Interface” should be the path.

Additionally  the following are then added to the Windows\assembly folder (GAC):

Until the installer is ready – this should be done using drag and drop in windows explorer.

For the Cytrack CTI to work, the Agent PC needs to have the CyDesk Client installed and the CyPhoneInterface.ocx
installed and registered.

The Cydesk XML Integration option also needs to be enabled:

“To Configure the client to connect to a listening socket: Right Click on “Cydesk” and select the Tools -> Options menu item. This will display the CyDesk Options dialog box. Click the Advanced Options button. At this point, you will need to enter the appropriate password to configure CyDesks advanced options.”

Default Password: ‘CyTrack’

Set the Following settings:

The features tested are screen pop (either on ring or answer) and make call.

To complete the cti “loop” each user or machine needs to be linked to a phone.  If the users move desks and keep their phone extension, then it needs to be set to user.  If the phone extensions stay with the machine then this should be machine.  This is controlled in the web.config of the application files.

    <!-- CTI Integration -->
    <add key="CTIEnabled" value="yes" />
    <add key="CTIMode" value="machine" /> <!-- Values = machine, user -->
    <add key="CTIPopOn" value="Answer" /> <!-- Values = Answer, Ring -->

If you use machine, reverse dns may need to be used for the server to work out the client machine. 

If it should be done on a user basis – the web.config file should be updated.