Alerts and Toasts

Some times it may be desirable to display information to the user in the form of an alert, which will show as a pop-up to the user which can then be dismissed.


In CallScripter and Synergy, you have the option to use alerts to display information to the user. This is a built-in function in JavaScript that will take a message that you want to display, and then when called, will show it to the user. Please note that alerts will block the user from performing other actions unless the alert is dismissed.
if ([TotalSalesAmount] > 199) { // If the total amount is over 199
    alert('Amount is over 199, please contact customer service to complete the sale.');


Also in Synergy, you also have the option to use toasts, which allow more customization in appearance and will not block the agent from performing actions. You can find more information about toasts in Synergy here.
if ([TotalSalesAmount] > 100) {
    Script.Toast.Success('Title', 'Message', 5); // Success toast that lasts for 5 seconds.
} else {
    Script.Toast.Error('Title', 'Message', 5);   // Error toast that also lasts for 5 seconds.