CallScripter 4.5 - Updating Licence File

The CallScripter Licence file can be found in the below location within the CallScripter file structure.
    %CallScripter Root%\CallScripter Data\Licence\
It is possible that multiple files will exist in this location, or that CallScripter needs to be updated to use a file with a different name. The name of the live licence file can be found in different locations depending on the version of CallScripter being used.

Newer Versions of CallScripter

CallScripter Application Settings

If the CallScripter licence has not yet expired, then it is possible to change the name of the licence file being used by the application from within the CallScripter GUI. It can be found under System Manager -> Application Settings -> General -> LicenceFile.

CallScripter Database - tbl_AppConfig

All of the settings visible within the CallScripter GUI are stored within tbl_AppConfig, so it is also possible to change the name of the licence file here. The below SQL query can be used to find out the current licence file name being used by CallScripter.
SELECT ConfigKeyName, ConfigKeyValue
FROM tbl_AppConfig
WHERE ConfigKeyName = 'LicenceFile'
The ConfigKeyValue can then either be updated using a relevant SQL query or by editing top 200 rows within SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS). Once this change is made to the database, the CallScripter application pool should be recycled to use the new licence file.

Older Versions of CallScripter

CallScripter web.config file

Where the licence file name cannot be found in the Application Settings or within tbl_AppConfig, then the information will be found within the web.config file. This file is found in the below location:
    %CallScripter Root%\wwwroot\web.config
The licence file is referenced inside the web.config file, and by updating the relevant XML node's value a different licence can be used. Below is a snippet of the XML structure showing the relevant XML node, but be aware that many nodes have been omitted:
  <location path="." inheritInChildApplications="false">
      <add key="LicenceFile" value="CallScripter_Licence_File.csl" />