Synergy Telephony Integration Matrix

Synergy can work with a wide range of telephony systems. This is achieved either via a telephony provider specific integration or via URL Pop.

Telephony Provider Integration Type Feature Specification
Interactive Intelligence (ININ) Provider specific Synergy for ININ Guide
Genesys Provider specific Synergy for Genesys Guide
Nixxis Provider specific Integration and Documentation supplied by Nixxis
Avaya AES Provider specific Under review, contact the CallScripter Helpdesk
Avaya Breeze Provider specific Under review, contact the CallScripter Helpdesk
Call Media URL Pop See URL Pop Functional Description below
Cloud Telephony Vendors URL Pop See URL Pop Functional Description below

URL Pop Functional Description

URL Pop integration type is when the Telephony platform initiates a script pop via an http request (GET or POST). The script will load based on the specifics of this pop, and when completed will close down. Any call or state control done within the script must be via API calls exposed by the specific telephony platform.
To discuss this option further please contact CallScripter Support