Script Configuration for Diary System

Script Configuration for Diary System

The script must contain the following fields and variables:

[var_diary_ref] – Creates the connection to the correct diary. This variable can be set using a calculation field. The value in var_diary_ref must match the value entered into the Diary Reference field in the diary manager in order to connect the two.

[var_diary_subject] – Determines which slot types to display.

When you add the Launch Diary control to a script in the editor, it creates a button for the agent to click on which then launches the diary in a new window. This control requires no further configuration, but var_diary_ref must be set for the correct diary to appear.

[var_appointment_date] – Used to store the date / time value of the slot that has been selected by the agent. This variable must be created and then matched off against the 'Launch Diary' button in the script editor using a calculation.

The variable will be populated when closing the diary window and returning to the script. If you wish the appointment date and time selected by the agent to appear on the reports, you must assign the variable to a field in the script.

[var_diary_numberofslots] – Allows multiple slots to be booked at one time. E.g. If a diary only has 10 minutes slots defined, but the type of booking requires a 40 minute appointment to be booked, [var_diary_numberofslots] can be set to 4 in order to book four 10 minute slots in one go. If only one slot is to be booked, add a calculation that sets [var_diary_numberofslots] = '1';