Data Analysis Report

Data Analysis Report

What is it?

The Campaign Data Analysis report allows you to generate a graphical representation of call data based on any field in a script for a given date range. These graphical representations can then be copied and pasted into other documents and reports if required.

How do I use it?

Click on 'Data Analysis Report'

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Select a script from the drop down list and the field you wish to report on. The list of fields that are available in the drop down list will be those from the selected script.

Choose which kind of label you require for each of the segments of the graph that will be produced.

If you need want to include specific groups, select the group names you wish to include, leave blank to unclude all.

Now select the data range and whether you want to run for chargeable or non chargeable calls.

On the right hand side of the screen further formatting options can be selected.

There is an option to ignore blank values (where there was no response or value entered to the field in the script), and the options to change the size of the graphs produced.

Once you have made your selection, click 'Run'.

You will be presented with a summary and graph of the information you selected.

A statistics panel will appear above the graph showing the various responses and percentages of answers. The pie chart will appear underneath.

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The pie graph can be copied and pasted into other applications by clicking the button on the right hand side of the mouse, choosing copy, then pasting into the other application in the same way.