Creating a SQL database table (suitable to import data to CallScripter)

This is not a complete guide to adding databases to SQL. If you're unsure of the process, we recommend you consult the MSDN guide here :
1. Create a database in SQL Server Management, right click on 'Databases' and select 'New Database'. Name the new database (in this example the Database is called Customer details).
2. Create the necessary tables in the database to use for the data. In this example name, address, postcode and telephone number are used.
    Right click on the 'Tables' option in the new database, and select 'New', then 'New Table'.
3. Create the table as required and add the columns, being sure to add an ID column to use as a Primary Key (unique reference).  This column will only takes an 'int' value, and for ease of data retrieval is set to auto increment. To set as the Primary Key, right click on the name 'ID', and click 'Set as Primary Key'.
4. Scroll down to Column properties, and find the option for 'Identity Specification'. Open the drop down and Change (Is Identity) default setting from 'No' to 'Yes' - you just need to type over here. Your ID column is set as needed. 
5. Now add the rest of the columns as needed, setting their data type to nvarchar(250).
   Note any fields that may be searched will not allow nulls, by un-checking the 'Allow Nulls' box. 
   6. Save the new table and give it a name. 
  7.  The new table is now complete, and can be used to import data into a script.