Synergy Script Pop Methods

URL Pop Using the Generic Plugin
Note: URL Popping is only required if a dedicated Synergy Integration isn't available. Please contact CallScripter Support if in doubt.
Makes use of the External Links feature to pass data contained within the URL into linked script fields. This method does require the "Integration - Generic" licence feature to be enabled, also the plugin must be activated.
     1. Link the script to a campaign using External Links
  • Select Integration - Generic from the list of available plugins
  • Type in the name of the campaign, this input box is free typed rather than selecting an already existing campaign
  • Click Add
      2. Configure the Link Column for script fields that data in being passed to.
  • The Link Column input box is also free typed rather than selecting from a list
     3. Format of the URL to pop the script
http://localhost:7016/executer/script.aspx?function=start&diallerCampaign=Test Campaign&popCount=1&popName1=DetailID&popValue1=123456