Task Management Retrieve Session Data

Retrieving Session Data from Task Management
The Retrieve Session Data control allows data from a previous script run to be viewed in a later script run.  Each time a script runs a Session ID (unique number) is generated.  The Retrieve Session ID control provides a text box which users can either enter a session ID, or a variable can be used to populate the field automatically.  When the button is clicked, any script field names that match those previously populated will automatically display data from the earlier script run.
The Retrieve Session ID control is particularly useful when applied in a Task Management script scenario.  On the script page below the agent populates the Fault Details (Customer Name and Fault Type controls) section when first logging a fault.  When the script is popped again as part of a Task Management process, these fields will show the same values, allowing the agent to view the details, and add further progress detail to the page:
A Calculate Field on the page contains the following code:
[Retrieve Session Data] = [var_csMQReference];
This code maps the Retrieve Session Data control to the variable populated by the Task Management Reference number.